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    Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)
    Weistar Industry has more than 15 years manufacturing experience and caters to both Local and International markets, more than 95% is for export to inter-market such as E.U., UK, USA, East European countries, Middle East, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia, Korea, India and Africountries.

    8000Mt Paracetamol powder / crystal
    3000Mt Paracetamol D.C.Granules

    Complies with requirement of BP/EP/USP,
    EDMF acailable and COS number is R0-CEP 2006-156-Rev00.
    Paracetamol offered by us has an Absorption Value of 0.015~0.035 (20% solution of Paracetamol in Methanol on UV spectrophotometer), PAP content of 7~20ppm (Sodium Nitroprusside solution test), Melting Point of 169~171℃. Very important point is we use special Activated Carbon which is only use for Paracetamol, so our appearance is more whiter than any others.

      Sprcification Standard Packing
    Crystal 20-80 mesh BP/USP/EP Drum
    Normal Powder 100-120 mesh BP/USP/EP Drum/Carton /p.p Bag
    Fine Powder 150-1200 mesh as required BP/USP/EP Drum / p.p Bag
    DC90   BP/USP Drum
    DC96   BP/USP Drum
    Other DC     Drum

    Price and Service:
    Based on a two-win system, we offer our fresh quality material with competitive price and effective service.

    With our best efforts, we lookong forward to co-perate with you in the future.
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